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Enjoy a private charter Sail on Bonaire with our spacious 45ft sailboat and customize it to your wishes with open bar and tasty bites.
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We are specialized in private charters. It’s your day & it’s your boat!
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Welcome at the website of SoloBon Sailing Bonaire. We are specialized in private sailing charters on Bonaire. On this site you can find the best sailing charters, cruises and tours on Bonaire. Do you like to enjoy your free time on Bonaire to the max? Come on board and sail, dive, snorkel and chill with us on Bonaire’s most spacious monohull charter sailing boat; The Phoenix a 45.2 ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey and we can easy sit 8 guests in the cockpit and 6 on the bow cushions.

SoloBon Sailing Bonaire is not a tour operator, we only sail private sailing charters. You can, however, put together your own sailing group, we take all ages out on our vessel. Have a look a the SoloBon Sailing Bonaire website and if you have any more questions about Sailing on Bonaire you can always contact us.

Patrick & Linda owners of SoloBon Bonaire
Solobon Sailing Bonaire - Your Gateway to Unforgettable Private Sailing Charters in the Caribbean

Solobon Sailing Bonaire, your ultimate destination for an extraordinary private sailing experience in the mesmerizing Caribbean paradise of Bonaire!

Discover Bonaire's Pristine Waters Embark on an unparalleled sailing adventure, where you'll glide across Bonaire's crystal-clear waters, revealing stunning underwater worlds and hidden treasures. Known for its unparalleled marine life and vibrant coral reefs, Bonaire offers a haven for nature enthusiasts and sea lovers alike.

Tailored Sailing Adventures for You At Solobon Sailing Bonaire, we understand that each guest's desires are unique. Whether you seek a tranquil sailing escapade, an exciting water sports adventure, or a romantic sunset cruise, we tailor each charter to fulfill your wishes. Our crew is committed to providing a personalized journey that exceeds your expectations.

Expert Crew, Safe Passage With Solobon Sailing Bonaire, you're in the hands of experienced and knowledgeable sailors. Our skilled captains and crew boast extensive local expertise, ensuring a safe and smooth journey across Bonaire's waters. Relax and revel in the breathtaking sights, knowing your safety is our top priority.

Championing Sustainable Sailing As devoted lovers of the ocean, Solobon Sailing Bonaire is committed to preserving the natural beauty of this Caribbean gem. We uphold strict eco-friendly practices, respecting the delicate marine ecosystems and promoting responsible tourism. Join us in protecting Bonaire's marine wonders for generations to come.

Book Your Bonaire Sailing Charter Today Are you ready to experience the magic of Bonaire from a unique perspective? Reserve your private sailing charter with Solobon Sailing Bonaire today and unlock an adventure of a lifetime.

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