Bonaire Activities

The Caribbean island Bonaire

Bonaire is a tranquil Caribbean island without the hassle of traffic lights, hustle and bustle, or normal, day-to-day worries. Your only concern will be where to spend each new day you have on Bonaire. Nowhere else is vacationing as easy as on Bonaire, as our warm, friendly people welcome visitors from around the world.

Next to activities as sailing, kite surfing, windsurfing and snorkeling, Bonaire continues to be recognized as one of the top destinations worldwide for its sustainable tourism. Bonaire is famous for it’s scuba diving and has won many international prices.

Bonaire has a long history of nature preservation, and always seeks to find the delicate balance between environmental protection and growth, while maintaining nature and culture. Bonaire was one of the first Caribbean islands to collaborate with the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) to conserve our reefs. By commencing a program for cultivating new corals,  Bonaire will be able to preserve the reef’s genetic diversity. In this way residents, visitors and future generations will be able to enjoy an enriched marine environment.

Diving on Bonaire

Bonaire is famous for it’s scuba diving and has won many international prices. But don’t underestimate the many pretty snorkel spots the island offers. The beautiful Caribbean sea is direct accessible on most places on the west coast of the island.

However exploring the waters of Bonaire from a boat doubles the amount of spots you can visit. Only by boat you can dive or snorkel at the small island Klein Bonaire Diving and snorkeling on Bonaire is an experience you can’t miss. The island is surrounded by a coral reef that is considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. Especially because you don’t need long bumpy boat trips to get to find a nice spot. Within one to two hours of sailing we can reach about 75% of the best dive spots the island has to offer.

SoloBon Sailing offers diving in close collaboration with Beyond The Corals one of the best, Padi 5 star, diving schools on the island. We know the spots and a certified instructor can guide your private diving party.

Combi activity packages:

With some of islands best activity suppliers SoloBon Sailing joins forces. Togheter we offer you am excursion package that will cover a full day of fun island activities. We can make packages from 4 to 16 people. Contact us from Bonaire’s best island excursions and let us pamper your day!

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Enjoy the activities during your stay on Bonaire

We invite you to dive into the wonderful activities and excursions the island offers, both terrestrial and marine, which makes Bonaire a unique destination. We encourage you to explore, to enjoy, to become a part of Bonaire, absorbing our nature, our culture, and our cuisine. The warmth from the sunshine is here for all to enjoy while on Bonaire, but you will cherish the afterglow of the Bonairean people in your hearts forever. We assure you that “Once a Visitor, you’ll be, Always a Friend”.