Why use and what is a (reef) safe sunscreen?

It doesn’t contain toxic ingredients like: Oxybenzone that kill coral and mute larves, If you also want human friendly sunscreen avoid: Homosalate. Watch the video that will plain in no time what to do or not concerning sunscreen:

Love the reef – Sunscreen from David de Bruijne on Vimeo.

What should I bring?

  • Reef safe Sunscreen
  • If you want to swim bring a towel and Beachware
  • Your good vacation mood
  • Sandals and shoes will be left at the dock, so put on easy footware

Why do I have to bring and pay for a Stinapa Marine Tag?

  • Stinapa is our local organisation that helps to protect our nature. They not only maintain our mooring but also set up a lot of programs to preserve our nature

What am I gonna see when I go snorkeling/diving?

  • First of all a lot of water
  • Depending on your activity all kinds of reef fish and corals
  • There is a good chance of seeing turles, murene eals,
  • Sometimes dolfins, (Manta/Sting)-rays, octopuses, frog fishes and sea horses are spotted
  • If it’s your lucky day you might spot a reef shark, but we don’t see those often

I’ve never sailed before, what to expect?

  • Hopefully the best water sport activity you ever did
  • Yes, a sailboat rocks depending on waves and wind
  • No, a sailboat doesn’t tumble over, it has a 3.6 ton keel to prevent that to happen

Can I feed the fish?

Sorry, but no feeding is allowed in the marine park. The reason is that you won’t be there everyday to feed and the fish can’t take care of them selves if they are fed too often. Aslo the fish have a task in the eco-sysem. By feeding you’ll disrupt the eco-system. So the most simple thing to do is; do not feed.